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Poison project
Updated: 12/11/2019
Poison project
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  • Mrs. J is doing her nails before she leaves for vacation. After she's taken her old nail paint off with nail polish remover, she leaves to go get a new color*
  • As she's gone, her daughter, Hannah, comes in and sees the nail polish remover left on the table and drinks it (injest), mistaking it for a juice.*
  • Soon after, Hannah has throat and mouth irritation. She feels like she is going to vomit and has pain in her belly area. She's having difficulty breathing and a shortness of breath.
  • Hannah's mom walks in the bathroom after hearing gasping to see her daughter like this*
  • What happened??
  • That wasn't juice! It was nail polish remover!
  • There isn't anaphylaxis potential with nail polish remover. Acetone is the poison in nail polish remover and you cannot have an allergic reaction to ingested acetone
  • I drank some of that juice on the table
  • Mrs. J checks for life-threatening conditions. She then asks how much she ingested so she can tell PCC. She calls poison control with the information (age, weight, bottle of nail polish remover) . Mrs.J does not make Hannah throw up unless instructed to do so. She stays with Hannah to continue monitoring her and her symptoms/ consciousness. She ensures Hannah it will be okay
  • How much did you ingest?
  • I just took a sip
  • After Hannah is feeling better her mom ensures her she will be more careful since Hannah didn't know any better.
  • I will make sure to keep any possible chemicals or solutions that could poison you in a locked cabinet and next time I'm using a dangerous chemical I'll be make sure to tell you beforehand. I won't leave any sitting on a table or where you have access to it in order to prevent this from happening again
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