Boston Tea Party Comic Strip

Updated: 9/29/2021
Boston Tea Party Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Tax the colonists for the war, since we did this for them!
  • all these boxes are full paper so pay up kid
  • come on really I hate this tax!
  • no leave and take away the taxes
  • just back go your homes and everything will be normal.
  • In the 1760s, Britain was deep in debt, so Parliament imposed a series oftaxes on American colonists to help pay those debts
  • Sam Adams: all the colonies should be united in their resistance to Parliaments efforts to vend the tea in America
  • The Stamp Act of 1765 taxed colonists on everything involved with paper, then the Townshend acts of 1767 went further and taxed paint, paper, glass, land and tea
  • throw all the tea off lads were just after the tea
  • in March 5 of 1770 the Boston massacre it was a street brawl between British soldiers and American colonist
  • just push the Boston port act to close off the port
  • in May of 1773 the Tea act was imposed and then The Sons of Liberty was formed which is a group that rebels against taxation
  • After a meeting with 5000 men that night members of the Sons of Liberty disguised as Native Americans and boarded the ships and throw 342 chest full of tea into the harbor
  • The Intolerable acts passed which were punitive laws passed by British Parliament to punish the bostonains for the tea party