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percy jackson conflicts.
Updated: 3/9/2019
percy jackson conflicts.
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Storyboard Description

the conflicts of percy jackson with himself and others

Storyboard Text

  • character vs. self, chapter one this was when Percy was claimed by Poseidon at the river.
  • why me!?!?
  • this is when Percy killed the fury character vs. supernatural, chapter one
  • no wonder she's a math teacher... I mean, I have never had a nice math teacher...
  • this is when the Ares cabin ambushed Percy character vs. society, chapter 8
  • what the-? these guys are annoying and they deserved the bathroom incident!
  • " Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood." pg. 1
  • chapter four, character vs. technology this is when the minotaur is chasing Percy and the others.
  • i wish this car would go faster!! maybe if we wern't being chased by a minotaur...
  • " Mrs. Dodds spun toward me with a murderous look in her hands were shaking so bad I almost dropped the sword." PG.13
  • character vs.character chapter two this is when Percy comes home from boarding school
  • "where's my mom?"
  • quick question, can monsters sense us? because i kind of fought a minotaur
  • on the other side of the creek, the underbrush exploded. five Ares warriors came screaming and yelling out of the dark." cream the punk!" Clarisse screamed pg. 120
  • character vs. nature, chapter seven this is when Annabeth introduces Percy to the camp.
  • yes, that is why- wait a second! you did what!?
  • "not a scratch, remembered Gabe saying. oops," pg. 51
  • "where's my mom" "working..." got any cash?" that was it, no welcome back, no good to see you."
  • "for some of us, it's too dangerous to leave. were year-rounders. in the mortal world, we attract monsters."
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