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Updated: 5/12/2020
french rev

Storyboard Text

  • Marie Antoinette loved expensive jewels and gowns, so when she woke up, she would have gotten dressed into a fine gown and jewels
  • At the start of the day, Marie would have gone outside and greeted people. The nobility and members of the first and second estate praised Marie as she believed that they and her should live lavishly . They saw her as a worthy and unearthly sovereign
  • Marie Antoinette was always very interested in the gossip and social lives of the court.
  • Some knew that although she may not have lacked spirit, she was not well educated, and she was not interested by political matters. She also did not produce an heir for 8 years.
  • Because of her lack of education, she found court meetings tedious and regularly ever attended them.
  • She didn't leave the grounds of Versailles as she was not popular among the third estate, who named her Madame Deficit, and claimed she was at fault for the increased cost of bread from the bad harvests that they had had.
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