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Updated: 7/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Harold Godwinson
  • I am very popular with people
  • I am the most powerful Noble in England.
  • I speak English and I know how to run a country and an army.
  • I am the brother-in-law of Edward
  • Harald Hardrada
  • I don't really care how I get England I am a viking through and through and I'll do whatever it takes to get my way.
  • I uses people's taxes to pay for my wars dso I'm very unpopular.
  • I win most of the battles I am in and I use violence to get my way or to prove my point.
  • I am the king of Norway and was promised the throne.
  • Duke William of Normandy
  • King Harold of Wessex said that I was promised the role as king.
  • I am a successful leader of Normandy (France)
  • Im a relative of Edward the Confessor.
  • I don't Speak English
  • Harold Godwinson was one of the people who wanted to be king. When it was 1066 he had already have lots power ever since his Dad died and having to take over looking after
  • Edgar Atheling
  • Harald Hadrada was one of the people who said they were next in line for the throne. He said that he was related to King Canute (the king of England from 1016-1032) and because of this he apparently had all rights to have the throne or invade England.
  • Battle of Fulford Gate
  • Duke William of Normandy said he was promised to be the next king. In the past he helped Edward when he had family problems and troubles as a king, and because of his help.
  • Battle of Fulford Gate
  • Retreat!
  • Edgar was the great-nephew of Edward. He was only 14 when Edward died and because of the relationship between them he thought he would be the best person for king.
  • I'm a related to Edward
  • I'm only 14, but I can still run a country
  • I'm a citizen and I can speak English
  • The Battle of Fulford Gate began on the 20th of September. This is when Harald Hadrada sailed to Northumbria and joined forces with Tostig Godwinson (Harolds brother) to create a fleet of 300 ships.
  • Over a long 6 days of fighting Harald and Tostig won the against the Anglo-Saxons and Harold Godwinson.
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