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Updated: 9/18/2020
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  • The Hunting/Mystery
  • The Gathering
  • The Drawing/Tension
  • "Allen....Anderson
  • The Lottery stakes place on a sunny summer day. We first learn that all the children are gathering in the towns center.The kids start making big piles of rocks they collected and stuffing there pockets with rocks. This is mystery because that this point in the story we have no idea what the rocks are for and the fact that all the kids in town are collecting rocks is mysterious and creepy.This is one of the first times the author foreshadows.
  • The Death/Surprise
  • The gathering is when all the older siblings and parents join and meet up with there friends. This is when we learn that there are 300 people are in this town. After everybody has gathered then all the families group together for the lottery. We learn that Mr.Summers is the honorary town grandpa and he is the one in charge of the lottery and making sure that any new families are added and no body is left out. What the lottery is, is still a mystery.
  • In the drawing Mr.Summers starts saying every last name in the town.The husband must come and pick a piece of paper from the black box. If the husband is unable to walk up then a oldest son who is older than 16 can come or if theirs no son than the wife can come. After every family head has come up ,then everybody opens the papers to see which family got picked. This scene represents tension because everybody is worried and hoping that nobody they love gets picked.
  • The Death is when we learn that being picked means death.The Hutchinson family was "picked" meaning that every family member had to pick a piece of paper out of the box ,one of the pieces of paper had a black circle on it. Tessie is the one who had the paper with the circle meaning that she is to be killed by rocks being thrown at her. She immediately believes it is a mistake which is why she repeatedly says "Its not fair" and asks for a redrawing which doesn't happen. The element of surprise in this "cell" is that we had no idea what you would win if you won the lottery, we where given hints but non that alluded to death so the idea that one citizen each year is killed as tribute surprised me and other readers.
  • "Its not fair!"
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