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The Lottery
Updated: 9/21/2020
The Lottery
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  • The Gathering/Tension
  • Mystery/ the boxHERITAGE FINANCIAL, LTD. OF JACKSONVILLE LLLPThe box/Mystery9799 Old StAugustine RdJacksonville FL32257
  • lottery Box
  • The winner/ suprise
  • In this cell you will see the three boys gaurding the rocks in the corner. Additionally you see the girls gossiping and the husbands and the wife talking. In the bakround theres an old bank and a post office and this is the gathering. This is the introduction scene of "The lottery" where everyone is gathering and are tense due to the fact they dont know who is going to get drawn from the box and die.
  • death of tessie
  • In cell 2 you will see mr.summers and the black lottery box in a barn. The reason this scene is a mystery is because you are not sure what is in the box.In addition it's still unclear what the box is used for and the intent behind it. This led to mystery and anticipation.
  • Tess Hutchinson wins the lottery and everyone is somewhat shocked and surprised. The excitement is mostly from the relief of not being claimed winner. In addition Tess protests and claims that the lottery itself is not right nor humane. The villagers eventually disregard the protest and go on with the annual stoning that is received by the winner.
  • The people had only remembered what they had to do with the stones and they all started to head toward the pile that the boys were guarding for this very moment. They all took stones and cornered Tessie. She continued to protest but they didn't listen. She repeated the words "It isn't fair". The scene end with them all up on her and all wee have to assume is her winning the lottery eventually lead to her death.
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