Boston Tea Party Comic

Updated: 10/1/2021
Boston Tea Party Comic

Storyboard Text

  • No taxation without Representation!!!
  • Background
  • I'm a British tax collector. Pay your taxes!
  • Tea Act
  • The meeting
  • Citizens in Boston are upset and refuse to pay taxes without representation. They are trying to a avoid British tax collectors.
  • Tea party
  • Throw the tea in the water!
  • The Lord North wanted to save the company, so he created The Tea Act. The Tea Act allowed for the British East India company to sell tea without taxes. The colonists still had yo pay taxes to sell tea though.
  • Caught
  • George Washington made a meeting. Three ships showed up in the harbor and the people were not happy so the sons of liberty came up with a plan.
  • The Intolerable Act
  • The Intolerable Acts were punitive laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774after the Boston Tea Party. The laws were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in the Tea Party protest in reaction to changes in taxation by the British Government.
  • December 16th, members of Sons of Liberty go together and dressed up as Native Americans and threw hundreds of boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor
  • The soldiers found the tea in the harbor and were mad so they quickly wrote a letter to the king about what they did to the tea.
  • Britain's punishment for the colonists was the form of the Intolerable Acts. One of the five demands was the closing of the Boston Port and forcing colonist to give British soldiers shelter.