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Odysseus and polyphemus
Updated: 3/11/2020
Odysseus and polyphemus
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  • may we dine with you tonight? Can we stay in this cave for a night?
  • Run for your lives
  • What is Odysseus doing. He's going to get himself killed
  • odysseus and his men had been fighting in the trojan war for ten years and finally had one. They were now on there way home but there were many obstacles in there way made by the gods who were angry at them because they killed so many people.
  • Don't worry everyone. I've got a plan. Just keep carving a point at the end of the log
  • After an extremely foggy night with many sallow rocks to navigate odysseus and his soldiers had found them selves in a beautiful bay. They decided to explore the island. On the island they found many sheep so they had a feast. When they were eating they saw smoke in the distance and decided to see who was making it. When they got to the place where there was smoke they saw that there was a cave. odysseus and his 12 best men went into the cave to see who owned it.
  • Nobody blinded be.
  • When Odysseus and his soldiers entered the cave they found animal pens and a terriyfling cyclops (polyphimus). Though Odysseus oviusly didn't think polyphimus was a danger to them because he went up to the him and asked if he would let them eat with him and stay in his cave for a night. The cyclopes response to this was eating two of odysseuses soldiers and putting a ginormus rock in front of the door to trap odesseus and his soldiers in. There was no way they could escape.
  • Help me Poseidon. I must kill Odysseus.
  • It was I Odysseus who blinded you
  • The next morning the cyclops ate to more soldiers and let the sheep out of the cave closing the door after him. Odysseus, by this time knew they had to find a way to escape otherwise they'd all be dead, so Odysseus told his soldiers to carve a point at the end of a log.
  • When the cyclops came back Odysseus offered him some wine, he agreed to some and asked what odysseuses name was. odysseus said nobody and the cylops said he would eat Odysseus last. The cyclops soon fell asleep from the strength of the wine. Odysseus and his men lifted the log and threw it into the cyplopses eye. Ployphomus woke in anger but could no longer see where Odysseus and his men were. Polyphemus's fellow cycplses came to see why polyphemus was making so much noise and asked him who hurt him. when polyphemus answered nobody all the other cyclpes thought in was a joke so went back to sleep. In the morning pholyphemus let the sheep out and Odysseus and his men hide under the them so polyphemus couldn't catch them.
  • when odysseus and his soldiers were out of polyphumos's cave they went to find the other soldiers. When oddysseus had finished telling the other soldiers about their adventure they loaded the boat, taking polpphomus's sheep with them. When they set off Odysseus couldn't help shouting to polyphemus, telling he it was he odessues who blinded him. This enraged polyphemus. Some one had once told him he would be blinded by a man called Odysseus. Why hadn't he realised? Polyphemus hurled a bolder at the place where he had heard Odysseus's voice. When Odysseus told him it missed he threw an even bigger bolder at them. Though this bolder swept them out to safety. Though they weren't safe for long since percidon now had consequences for them because they had hurt his son.
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