The Lottery

Updated: 9/8/2021
The Lottery

Storyboard Text

  • Tone: matter of a fact
  • Theme: traditions are meant to be changed
  • "Just hurry up and get this over with."
  • "This is so unfair!"
  • Pacing: speeds up
  • "Tess Hutchington"
  • The tone of "The Lottery" is very matter of a fact. The tone changes throughout the story. As the pace is very slow, the tone is too. At the beginning it is fun, calm and peaceful. Towards the end when the suspension starts, the tone changes. It starts to become very detached.
  • Foreshadowing:
  • In "The Lottery" whoever "wins" gets rocks thrown at them to die. In modern society today, that is horrible. The theme in this story is that some traditions need to be changed. For example, a tradition that could be changed is the one in "The Lottery"
  • The author kept the pacing very slow through the entire story. Only towards the ending does the pace speed up. Giving extra details about the box, the drawing, etc keeps the pacing slow. When the name is finally drawn, the pacing starts to speed up. There is situational irony in this story. When you think of a lottery, it is winning something good. Not getting killed, like in "The Lottery".
  • Foreshadowing creates suspension. For example, in the second paragraph, the author states that children were making piles of racks. Later in the story we see what the stones were for. The author didn't reveal what happened if you won the lottery until the very end of the short story. That keeps the reader guessing the entire story.