History of Journalism

Updated: 9/8/2021
History of Journalism

Storyboard Text

  • Before: Movable Printing Press
  • Block
  • Time to write the news paper by hand on this wooden block
  • Before
  • Here is the record you requested
  • Thank you for the information
  • Before
  • We have almost all books that have been made here
  • In China people were using a wooden block to write their newspaper and they did it by hand.
  • During: Movable Printing Press
  • It was the churches job to distribute information to monarchs before the movable printing press.
  • During
  • Wha! I did it, I improved the printing press and made it movable.
  • Libraries held most books before the printing press
  • During
  • I am going to call it the Gutenberg Bible
  • That's the first book made from this new inventio what are you going to call it
  • A worker takes a metal block with a letter and dips it in ink to put it in a bed to print onto paper.
  • Johann Gutenberg created the movable-type printing press
  • Hi
  • The first book made from the movable printing press was the Gutenberg Bible named after Johann Gutenberg