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The Lottery
Updated: 9/18/2018
The Lottery
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Storyboard Text

  • Symbol-Mr. Summers
  • Here.
  • Well, guess that's everyone. Old Man Warner make it?
  • Images-black box
  • How about I make a new black box to replace this one?
  • No, we shouldn't change the tradition.
  • Figures of Speech-Personification
  • I guess we're out of school...ish.
  • Yeah. The lottery is happening soon.
  • Mr. Summers symbolizes the leader the community. He is the person who conducts all of the events and traditions.
  • Tone and Theme-Traditions
  • Come on, come on, everyone!
  • Imagery is used to show that the black box is faded of stained in some places. This shows that the town members refuse to repair the box: they don't want to upset tradition.
  • Images-stones
  • The author personifies the feeling of liberty in the children, saying that it "sat uneasily in most of them". This shows how nervous the children feel about trading off school for the lottery.
  • The author is conveying the idea that traditions can brainwash people. Old Man Warner is consumed by tradition that he fails to see the murder he is participating in.
  • It isn't fair!
  • Imagery is used to show that the boys took extra time and care to pick smooth and round stones used for the murder later.
  • Perfect.
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