Social problem Story Board Episode 4
Updated: 10/19/2020
Social problem Story Board Episode 4

Storyboard Text

  • SOPHIE: How could the 2 things possibly be connected his is about video games and my problem is about inappropriate posts.JAKE: Yeah! What she said
  • BROOKLYN: Guys think about it Jake is saying that he sees people talk to strangers and Sophie your problem is that you see friends make inapropriate posts on InstaTok like sharing personal info what if these to issues together make an even bigger problem
  • SOPHIE: That is true inappropriate posts isn't just bad content for the age range it can also be sharing information that not everyone needs to know.JAKE: And when you talk to strangers you can share to much
  • IDK To Be Continued...........
  • BROOKLYN: Yeah but there is one problem we have figured out the problem that were going to address first but how do we take action and come up with a solution. After all were just kids
  • SOPHIE: Well I think first we need to address the problem but with other teens our age like with posters then we need to go online and make a difference.JAKE: Yeah I could make flyers to pass out!
  • To be continued.........
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