Dream Board
Updated: 2/19/2021
Dream Board

Storyboard Text

  • Background
  • Dream
  • Why this dream?
  • My name is Madelyn. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and I go to Fletcher Middle school. I have many pets. I love to go to the beach, and hang out with my friends.
  • Obstacles
  • One day, I would like to be a doctor in radiology. I would like to live in Colorado and snowboard all the time. I also would like to have dogs, and have a big house.
  • How will I achieve this dream?
  • I want this dream because I really like Colorado. I love to snowboard, and I love dogs. I would really like to have a PHD in something (preferably in the human body), because I think the human body is interesting.
  • The end!
  • One obstacle is school. College will be hard, an long. Especially since I want to get a PHD. Another challenge, will be actually finding a job at a hospital.
  • When achieving this dream, I will get good grades in school. I will also focus, and not give up. I will look for solutions to things, and study hard. I will find a job and work efficiently.
  • YAY!