slave trade
Updated: 1/29/2021
slave trade

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  • slave traders were taxed
  • our kingdom was smalll
  • we depended on plantations...
  • owned it's prominence to the slave trading
  • due to all the trading we have a great well trained military
  • for sale
  • we are very poor
  • I'm sorry we don't have food.
  • As we got transported in very large groups of men, woman and children. It was exhausting, we were chained up, we ate once a day, took about 481 hours. Not everyone made it, some had a heat stroke and were left to die on the desert. I was sold to this man because i was a theif, therefore was forced to become a slave. He bought me from my master for a few manufactured goods. My brother, since he's young he was worth lots and lots of weapons. I was shaved and branded.
  • We were held in an entrepot. Little did I know this was the last time I would ever see my brother, they separeted family to be never seen again. It was filthy, very small and crowed. Many people who joined me in this warehouse commited suicide due to we 'd never seen a person of white skin and beleved them to be cannibals. By doing so they imagined their soul would return back home.
  • The ship was very old, it made loud noises when we walked thru it. But it was also supper big