story of Esther

Updated: 5/18/2020
story of Esther

Storyboard Text

  • “Tell Queen Vashti to come And tell her to wear her royal gown and crown!”
  • Oh No! Tell king Xerxes I will not go!
  • So they took Vashti’s crown off her head No longer queen, she ate only bread
  • Esther, a Jew, and in exile in Babylon Was sent for a year to the beauty salon She was gorgeous already and so nice to know It didn’t take long for her true beauty to show
  • Let’s make her Queen this very night!
  • Uncle Mordecai sits at the gate and 2 men close by are talking about killing the King
  • She is like my daughter, I watch her from the gateI make sure she’s safe and secure To keep her name and honour pure.
  • But what is this evil plan these men are scheming? To kill the king? I’ll warn the king! I will tell Esther what to do These men must be stopped, their plan can not come through!
  • Esther tells the king and the plan is indeed true Mordecai is a good man through and through
  • Haman was the king’s number 1 man, Everyone would bow to him throughout the land But Mordecai, a Jew who honoured God alone Would not bow to Haman or the throne.
  • This man makes me so mad and cross I’ll have him killed – all the Jews too! It’ll be no loss! I’ll get king Xerxes make a law that’ll never change. To kill every Jew – it’ll be easy to arrange!
  • You must see the king and beg for our lives. If you don't, none of us survives!
  • You’re a Jew and will die by Haman’s law. Your crown can’t save you from such a fall!
  • So the law was written and sent far and wide. Every Jew was so afraid, so they suffered and sighed. “Who will save us?”. Mordecai knew just the one. Esther, the king’s favourite with the crown
  • Tell everyone to join me in a 3 day fast
  • But I can’t just go see the King, I must be called! I’ll be put to death too, after all!
  • Esther decides to go a see the king at last. So every Jew begins to fast and pray. No food or water everyday