Odysseus Project
Updated: 1/14/2021
Odysseus Project

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 2: After the storm Odysseus and his men arrive to Dierba, Land of the lotus Eaters
  • Alcinous asks Odysseus to tell him the story of his travels Odysseus from where he returns from Troy) “Odyssey tell me about your travels.”
  • Odyssey talks to Alcinous about the events that happened. Odyssey's man tried the lotus flower and felt dreamy and happy.
  • “Alcinous my travels were very gruesome also my men and I attacked and defeated the villagers
  • Three of Odyssey’s men accepted the sweet lotus flowers and felt dreamy and happy.Odyssey Men says“ OH Odyssey I want to stay on this island forever” says Odyssey repeating to Alcinous what his men said. Odyssey men wanted to stay on the island forever and forget their mission to return back to home.
  • Odyssey tied down his men. Odyssey tells Alcinous I feared more of my men would become affected by the “sweet” lotus flower.” then order all the men back to the boat to sail off to home” BOOOOM! “Then our ship was pushed off by the frightening storm!”
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