Biology Passive Transport Comic
Updated: 2/9/2020
Biology Passive Transport Comic
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  • I can't believe were on our way to Disney World! i feel like we've waited forever
  • it kinda reminds me of the cell membrane and how it only lets molecules in when they can
  • i totally get what you are saying. they let us so that it isnt overflowing and everything is balanced like an isotonic substance
  • exactly, and if they don't let enough people in, it will crenate, just like a cell.
  • plus, the subways act like a vesicle to trnasport us, like facilitated diffusion
  • and when we leave, its kinda like exocytosis, spitting us back out.
  • and if it gets too full, it will explode into chaos just like a cell undergoing cytolosis
  • and the security acts as the semipermeable membrane, only letting certain people in
  • i had no idea how similar disney was to the cell membrane!!
  • Neither did I, but I'm glad I do now!
  • I learned so much from that trip! I'm glad we went!
  • Me too! It helped me understand the cell membrane better!
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