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Updated: 3/2/2021
dream board

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  • backround
  • my dream
  • why this dream
  • I grew up in Arlington, Virginia where I lived for at least 5 years. Then I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and I have lived here for two years. I live with my dad, mom, older brother, and younger sister.
  • obstacles in my dream
  • My dream is to be successful in life. I love writing and being an author is my dream. I would also want my books to turn into movies because that would make my books really come to life.
  • how i will achieve my dream
  • I want to be an author because you can do it anywhere and at any age. You don't need a collage degree to be a author and you can choose to write whatever you want. You also don't have to work everyday for 10 hours like some other jobs.
  • Obstacles in my dream would be no publishers wanting to publish my books or no one liking my books. Also not wanting to write because sometimes I just wouldn't want to write somedays, or ending up not having any good things to write about.
  • I will achieve this dream by working hard and writing books people actually want to read. I will write a lot and find what book is the best and work up from there.