Dream board :)
Updated: 2/24/2021
Dream board :)

Storyboard Text

  • background
  • dream
  • why this dream?
  • My name is Nevena and my family is from Bulgaria in Europe. My name comes from a flower that can be turned into a medicine. I have a sister diagnosed with Dorphisim and a brother. My parents also come from Bulgaria and my mom is a stay at home mom, my dad fixes and remodels cars.
  • obstacles to my dream
  • My dream is to do graphic designing because i love being creative and to draw. Its also fun because you can graphic design about anything you want which is fun because you can be open to lots of ideas.
  • how will I acheive this dream?
  • I have always loved drawing and creating all types of things my family is filled with artists like my aunt she's an artist in Italy. My dad has always been teaching me as well ever sense I was little. One day i found a drawing app where you can sketch anything you want on a phone and i enjoyed it a lot.
  • Being unique and making new ideas can be challenging. Also not everyone will like what you create and your ideas so it can be hard sometimes. Graphic designing also takes a lot of skill and practice, sometimes it can be irritating and stressful.
  • I will try to achieve this goal by working hard and practicing. I can start practicing at a early age so I can get better as I age. I must get good grades so I can go to a good collage maybe even a good university for graphic designing.
  • That was me amazing dream board :)