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The Charmer
Updated: 9/22/2019
The Charmer
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  • Winnie cometh, to make up his jewels.
  • Have another piece, you certainly are the limit!
  • Thank you, my angel.
  • !@*#
  • LATER ON...
  • "When He cometh, when He cometh, To make up His jewels"Zack would say. And I realized that I'd be precious lucky to be one of those jewels. Besides, I wasn't really Winnie, anyway. I was Winnifred and I was Zachary's willing slave. (Wilson,102)
  • Why doesn't Zack come?
  • Mom would make a chocolate cake for the church bazaar and leave it on the kitchen table. Before she could come home from town, chances were there would be a slice of cake already ate by Zack. While he sat there eating the dessert, my two little sisters and I would stand there grinning and washing up old dishes. (Wilson,104)
  • Hail the conquering hero comes!
  • When Zack did not get his way he would have childish outbursts like throwing dad's toolbox in a nearby river and would come back home repenting for forgiveness. His rages continued as well as his apologies, but there was no changed behaviour.
  • You got two choices, my boy!
  • Don't move mom...
  • I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
  • A few years later, Lizzie had been diagnosed with leukemia. One day mom had the courage to plead, "Please Zachary. Go see Lizzie. She keeps asking for you," since Lizzie looked up to him as her knight in shining armor and she was forever looking for him to ride by her hospital room. (Wilson,104)
  • That last day, the day that Lizzie died everybody was in the hospital room except Zachary. When we walked out to the corridor there he was standing and overflowing with gifts ready to surprise Lizzie, and it was too late. I was sick to my stomach. (Wilson,105)
  • Four days later Zach came back home for repentance. Instead, dad gave him a choice. " You can stick around and be just what you suggest. You can be one of the hired servants [...] if you don't like the first choice, there's always the second. You can clear out". (Wilson, 107)
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