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The Lamp at noon comic
Updated: 9/22/2019
The Lamp at noon comic
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  • Ellen is waiting for Paul to come back home from the barn. It is late, and dark. All in the middle of the toughest sandstorm they have experienced in months. (Page 1)
  • " "Charity!" And this you call this independence!" (Sinclair 5)
  •  "I'm in the right, I won't give in. For his sake, too, I won't." (Sinclair 3)
  • Paul arrives home late and carefree. Ellen is struggling with an inner battle as she wants to tell Paul that they need to move from their house but she's too hesitant to ask. (Page 3)
  • "But it's not just dry years, Paul!" (Sinclair 5)
  • "The worst wind yet, I had to light the lantern in the tool shed, too." (Sinclair 3)
  • "...I'm afraid, Paul, I can't stand it any longer. He cries all the time. You will go Paul-- say you will. We aren't living here-- not really living." (Sinclair 4)
  • Ellen cannot take it any further. Without thinking she suddenly let's out her true emotions and feelings about their home. Paul fights back withought any hesitation. (Page 4)
  • "In here safe and quiet - ... If you were out in it - fightng - and swallowing it -" (Sinclair 7)
  • "I can't go, Ellen. Living off your people -charity- stop and think of it. This is where I belong." (Sinclair 4)
  • "I told you this morning, Ellen; we keep on right where we are." (Sinclair 4)
  • Ellen is releasing all of this vent up anger that she has been holding in for months, if not years. Even though Ellen's points are clearly valid, Paul is rejecting everything she says, calmly. (Page 5)
  • "And while we're waiting, Paul!" (Sinclair 5)
  • "We'll have crops again - Good crops - the land will come back. it's worth waiting for" (Sinclair 5)
  • "I was a poor man when you married me. You said you didn't mind. Farming has never been easy, and never will be." (Sinclair 5)
  • It doesn't matter how much Ellen tries convincing Paul to leave the farm with her, he will not budge. (Page 6)
  • ""Enough to eat!"" (Sinclair 6)
  • "You're a farmer's wife now It doesn't matter what you used to get enough to eat and wear." (Sinclair 6)
  • Refusing to admit Ellen is correct, Paul exits the room without making eye contact with Ellen. Planning to discuss things once the wind dies down. This leaves Ellen, hurt and confused. Which will lead to something horrible, soon enough? (Page 7)
  • "Sometimes, Paul, I wish I was." (Sinclair 7)
  • "Wait till tomorrow - we'll talk things over when the wind goes down." (Sinclair 7)
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