The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 11/16/2017
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action #1
  • Rising Action #2
  • Reinsford is sailing to a hunt, he falls out of his boat and swims, but he doesn't know where hes swimming to because hes never been where he's at before. he eventually gets lost but sees shore up ahead.
  • Rising Action #3
  • He ends up swimming to the shore. when he gets to the shore he meets a general, general zaroff's island. he soon finds out that this so called general isn't good and he will ultimately get hunted and possibly killed by this man.
  • Climax
  • Rainsford runs away from the general to try to escape but he finds their is no where to go on the island where the general can not find him. then he makes a fox trail and hides in a tree so that maybe the general will get triped up and wont find him.
  • Resolution
  • After Rainsford creates the fox trail he finds that does nothing to General Zaroff so he decides he wants to hurt him for good possibly so he builds a "man catcher" to catch the general. he doesn't "catch" him but he does hurt him. Also Rainsford uses a knife to kill a man named Ivan so he thinks he can maybe kill the general too.
  • Rainsford jumps off a cliff to get away from General Zaroff because he is scared that because he killed Ivan the General will want to kill him even more and will find a way to get to him quicker instead of playing games with him. 
  • Rainsford kills General Zaroff and then he sleeps in the bed that is in his house.
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