The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 11/30/2017
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action#1
  • Rising action #2
  • In the Exposition of the story, Rangsford is having a debate with Whitney, then Rangsford drops his pipe in the water late at night after Whitney has gone to sleep, Rangsford ends up falling in the water and the boat leaves him stranded in the cold sea.
  • Rising action #3
  • In the first rising action of the story, Rangsford hears a gunshot as he swims up to the mysterious island. He is exited because he believes people are on the island and he has hope to not be stranded.
  • Climax
  • In Rising action number two Rangsford meets General Zaroff who is the person who lives on the island and is a bit odd, but offers Rangsford his home to be a guest in and have all of the delicacies of being rich, until General Zaroff lets Rangsford know that he is a hunter, but instead of hunting animals, he hunts humans, and is going to play the "game" with Rangsford. So Rangsford must prepare to try to survive 3 days without General Zaroff hunting him.
  • In the rising action number three, Rangsford is forced to play the “game” with General Zaroff and survive three days alone on the island. General Zaroff is very scary and sneaky and Rangsford has to outwit him And win the game.
  • In the climax of the story, Rangsfords hunting tricks are no longer working for him anymore, and now has to go into survival mode because General Zaroff is too smart for for him. So when General Zaroff is just on the verge of getting Rangsford, and winning the “game”, he jumps into the water and has to make the ultimate choice.
  • In the resolution of the story, Rangsford says the best man wins the game and whoever loses, obviously dies, but whoever wins, gets to sleep in Zaroffs bed. It skips a bit and then in the end Rangsford is sleeping in Zaroffs bed, so he won the game and defeated General Zaroff!
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