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Biology Journey into a cell
Updated: 8/29/2020
Biology Journey into a cell
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  • Hey everyone. It's so nice that all of you joined us here today. So let's get started. On your right, you can see a basic human cell. Because of its cell membrane, that is present all around the cell, we will need to be careful when we enter.
  • DNA Blueprint
  • Over here, you can see the nucleus, which is basically the brain of the cell. It also stores the DNA blueprint and creates new proteins
  • This is part of the cell is called a lysosome. It is like the waste incineration plant of the cell, because it destroys all bacteria, viruses and worn-out cell parts like proteins.
  • On your right, you can see a Mitochondrion. This is a part of the cell, which has its own unique set of proteins present in its membrane. It generates the cells energy and manufactures energy molescules which are used throughout the cell.
  • Here you can see something called a vacuole. It stores the nutrients of the cell, which makes it similar to the storage room in your house. It can also store waste, so the rest of the cell is protected from its contamination.
  • Last, but not least, we have the ribosomes. Ribosomes make proteins, when it is needed in the cell. They are like construction workers and connect one amino acid with many others.
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