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The hunger games plot comic
Updated: 5/12/2020
The hunger games plot comic
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  • Oh no. Prim must be so worried. the reaping is tomorrow.
  • I am hunting with Gale in order to get food for our families.
  • Well, there you have it folks, our new tributes for this year's hunger games, Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Malark!
  • Oh no! I'm a tribute too!
  • I volunteer as tribute in order to spare my little sister Prim's life.
  • Oh no! the hunger games has just started, and already around 12 tributes have died, but now, because of that stupid fire the gamemakers made, I have a huge burn on my calf, and hands.
  • I'm happy that the capital changed the rules to the hunger games that now two tributes can win if they are from the same district, but now Peeta is injured, and is going to die if I don't go to the feast to get medicine, which I will most likely die at.
  • I am going to go to the feast. I have no choice really.
  • I want to die because I can't live without you.
  • Oh no! they changed the rules of the hunger games, and now there can only be one tribute!
  • Lets both eat these nightlock berries. then we'll both die.
  • I want to die for you. I can't live without you.
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