Indian summer sun
Updated: 5/8/2020
Indian summer sun

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  • I hadn't heard you, I'm sorry
  • Hey!! Come sit with us.
  • Sergio! Baja esa música
  • -Sí, ¿Y tú?-Pués, siéntate con nosotros
  • -¿Hablan español?(I nodded)
  • -Cristina, I thought you came to learn English. Have you change your mind?-I love having you here and I'm glad you found somebody to talk to but don't talk just to people who speak spanish. -So what if they laugh of your English?
  • (I shook my head)-Vine para estar contigo.-Se van a reír de mi inglés.
  • (I just nodded to show that I understood)(I knew the answer. No tank you)
  • -Tomorrow is a half-day. After class a bunch of us are going to my house to eat lunch and party....-Do you understand what I'm saying?-I hope you can come
  • -Hi!-My parents and my sister call me Jeremy, my real name, but almost everybody else call me Jerry-Why are you always so quiet?-Zero-What are you taking about, it's cute!
  • -Do you dance?-I don't either.-This music is too loud to talk. Would you like to take a walk?
  • -Jerry?-¿Hablas español?-I have an accent.(I shook my head no)(I nodded and stood up)
  • -No, they're evergreens.-Do you miss Puerto Rico?
  • -Do those trees change color? (I pointed with my chin at the pines)-Like palm trees-A little