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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • In continuation.....
  • We're in the same school so I will meet you in lunch
  • okay, bye
  • The next day at school...
  • Hi how are you? Do you want to meet in the park today?
  • I am fine. Ya sure we can meet at the park today.
  • At the park....
  • Thats true Mia! You should make a group in which you fight against bullies
  • Hi Mia! Tara told me that even you get bullied. Tara even made a survey for few of your school students and turns out 60% of people have been bullied on an average. So you are not alone.
  • Yes Tara , we must do something about it, thanks for the motivation.
  • The next day....
  • Hi everyone! I am making a group against bullies. Please support and join!
  • Isn't that the insta girl I follow her!
  • Yeah even I follow her!
  • In the group meeting...
  • I have been bullied for my hijab
  • I have been bullied for my hand
  • Mia's a star on insta. Plus I have gotten bullied
  • All of you? You've come! How and why?
  • Yes!! We can do this!
  • Yes everyone! Say no to bullying!
  • I know how you feel, but it is high time we fight the bullies