pesticides tredmill
Updated: 3/21/2021
pesticides tredmill

Storyboard Text

  • Just sprayed all my plants with a Broad spectrum pesticide, now all types of annoying maggots will die!
  • Broad Spectrum Type of pesticide that kills all types of invaders. It is not specific
  • Selective Pesticide Pesticide that targets a specific type of pest.
  • Really? I used selective pesticides, so I only get rid of the maggots who ate my cotton.
  • persisitent pesticide Type of pesticide that resist being broken down within the environment
  • Well in my field, I just use a persistent pesticide. I only have to spray once a year, It last so long!
  • My crops are resistant to all my pesticides. I have to add more just to keep the pest out
  • pesticide treadmill As a farmer adds more pesticides to their crops, the pest become more resistant and the farmers have to add more pesticides.
  • okay!!
  • lets learn why our crops are so resistant, so we can produce safe foods!
  • The 5 Steps to Integrated Pest management is: 1: find if you have pest2: identify your pest 3: learn about the pest4: determine what course of action and pesticide is best5: get into action!