revolutionary war
Updated: 12/11/2020
revolutionary war

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  • British Redcoats enter Lexington to capture colonist leaders and to intercept weapons. The militia fights and looses in concord. Then the redcoats continue on to concord, where the militia ambushes and defeats them, forcing them back to Boston.
  • Lexington and ConcordApril 19th, 1775
  • The Militia sets themselves up on Breeds hill. They then slaughtered 40% of the British soldiers at the battle. However, the Militia lost due to being low on supplies and soldiers. the British won with sheer numbers
  • Bunker HillJune 17th, 1775
  • Crossing the Delaware/ Battle of Trenton- December 26th, 1776
  • Washington and the Continental army cross the Delaware. they then take over a Hessian garrison, which was easy because the Hessians were inebriated from celebrating Christmas, which resulted in 800 Hessians being captured and only 1 loss for the Americans.
  • The British tried to do a three- pronged attack, however only one army made it to the battle (one turned around and the other never even agreed). The Continental army surrounded the British forces, winning the battle. this battle marks the turning point of the war, which is when the Continental army started to gain more traction.
  • Battle of SaratogaSeptember 19th and October 7th, 1777
  • The Continental army set up camp for winter in Pennsylvania. in their encampment, they were plagued by low supplies and disease. Plus, Baron Von Steuben came to the camp to help train the Continental army. To stop the spread of the disease, General Washington had the soldiers Inoculated with the diseases.
  • Valley ForgeWinter 1777-78
  • Battle of YorktownSeptember 28th- October 19th, 1781
  • The British set up their army on a peninsula at Yorktown. The French cut off supply lines to the British, and then attacked them (they attacked from the water on the three sides of the peninsula). the British not only lost the battle, but then also lost the war
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