Mrs. Johnson's revolutionary war
Updated: 12/9/2020
Mrs. Johnson's revolutionary war

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  • Lexington & Concord
  • Bunker Hill
  • Don't fire till ye see the whites of there eyes boyo's
  • Trenton / crossing of Delaware
  • The Battles of Lexington & Concord was the kickoff of the American Revolution. The Americans, using gorilla fighting tactics, showed that they were ready and willing to fight for there freedom.
  • Saratoga
  • The colonists lost the battle of Bunker Hill but it made the British realize that a war with the colonies would be long and costly. This battle boosted the confidence of the colonists because they now believed they could overcome the British military might.
  • Valley Forge
  • Disease is getting around Mr. Washington Sir. I'm afraid I'm next in line
  • General Washington and the Continental Army crossed the Delaware River and engaged the enemy at Trenton. Two-thirds of the enemy force was captured and the American’s sustained light casualties. This battle boosted moral and inspired re-enlistments.
  • Yorktown
  • Americans
  • French
  • The American victory at Saratoga motivated France to sign a treaty of alliance and assistance which completely changed the nature of the war. For this reason, Saratoga is often considered the turning point of the war
  • Valley Forge was not the site of a great battle, but it did prove the Americans resolve to win and not quit while facing extreme hardships. George Washington and his army spent a brutal winter there and during this time many soldiers died not from battle, but instead from cold, disease, and hunger.
  • The Americans and French won the Battle of Yorktown by blocking off British supply routes, resulting in the British being trapped at Yorktown. Low on supplies and without reinforcements, the British surrendered and the Revolutionary War was over.
  • We Surrender
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