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Updated: 2/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • and here we have a beautiful eagle we live in such a free country
  • whoa joe I am so lucky we elected you as president
  • Monarchy
  • thank you now go and clean my house
  • here you go Ms. queen I love your outfit
  • yes
  • Autocracy
  • cool I never knew that totally
  • son did you know your mom and I have all the power
  • In the Representative Democracy people get to pick who they want to be gov't by voting elections
  • Communism
  • fighting is so fun DIE!!!
  • I don't wanna do this I wanna play in the NBA
  • In a Monarchy their are only a certain amount of people who can rule and are wealthy
  • Anarchy
  • u will die I am so happy to not have a gov't so I can do what ever I want
  • haha me to imagine having one haha
  • one person who has all the power like your parents that live with you they make sure that u like the best thought
  • Oligarchy 
  • In Communism the gov't controls the economy of the country leaving little choice to the people in the country like china
  • no it is not the answer work with me.(dies)
  • in an Anarchy there is no gov't
  • An Oligarchy is a small group of people who are rich and wealthy like Rome's
  • son u will do this one day because we are rich and wealthy
  • ok dad I will rule this one day it will b so fun I hope you are there