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Peer Pressure
Updated: 9/18/2018
Peer Pressure
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  • Wow, that's a really nice jacket mom can I have it. Maybe, how much is it it. $50.00. Oh no, I don't think so, said mom. Okay then, at least can we go to the food court then. Yeah sure, come on.
  • Mom look over there, it's Miles, and his mom. Oh yeah it is, go say hi too him. Okay. Hi Miles. Hi Thomas, said Miles. What are you doing. I'm just going school shopping with my mom. Oh same did you find anything you want, said Miles. Yeah it was this really cool Jacket but my mom said I can't have it . Yeah you can. No I can't my mom said I can't have it I just said that. And I just said yeah you can come with me. I guess so. Mom I'm going with Miles. Okay, be back in 5 minutes.
  • Okay so, I'm still not clear of how I'm gonna get the jacket when my mom said no. Your gonna steal it. Steal it, uhh.. Miles I don't think I can do that. Yeah you can I do it all the time, come on do it. Umm.., I think it's time to go back to our moms now, because 5 minutes have passed. No it hasn't your just a little wimp. No I'm not. Then where are you rushing to. We have to get home, so I can do my homework. Whatever go. I don't care anymore, go. Okay then, bye.
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