the forms of government project
Updated: 2/12/2021
the forms of government project

Storyboard Text

  • monarchy
  • anarchy
  • representative democracy
  • in monarchy the king or Queen inherits their power and rules for life. there is an absolute monarch where queen has all the power or constitutional monarchy where king works with parliament. England is a monarchy
  • autocracy
  • in an Anarchy there is no government.
  • oligarchy
  • In representative democracy people choose representatives to speak for them in government voting in election. ex: USA
  • communism
  • an autocracy one person has all the power. A dictatorship or absolute monarch is an example of an autocracy on North Korea.
  • in an oligarchy a small group of wealthy people rule over all the other people . Ancient Rome is an example.
  • In communism the government controls the economy of the country leaving little choice to the people of the country. china is an example of communism.