I hate you because you cheated on me
Updated: 4/8/2021
I hate you because you cheated on me

Storyboard Text

  • just make your self a cereal I'm not in the mood to make breakfast
  • exposition
  • mom why is there no food it's morning ??
  • yes why is there no food and why do you look mad did we do something wrong
  • rising action one
  • fine I guess
  • let's go outside its a nice day....
  • rising action two
  • what did you do what did he do to you
  • hahahahahaha don't mess with me... and never cheat on me or else this will happen
  • my mom killed my dad and she probably ran off by now i need help
  • no she does not go out allot and when she does i have to go with her but most of the places she goes are public
  • one morning the family was eating breakfast but the mom did not not care she did not make food she looked mad we all wondered why but the dad could of had an idea of what to do the dad was scared and nervous if she new about his secret but the dad had many secrets that he could not even know what she new the dad though it was about the dog that he adopted and the mom did not like dogs but the dad could also have an idea
  • falling action
  • okay so what are the places you and your mom usually go to is it stores,mall,or just parks
  • ok then do you know were your mom could of have gone
  • the dad asked the mom to go to outside to talk or take a walk to talk thing out the mom agreed she could just try to take some thing off.the dad was scared because he knew his wife would be capable of doing anything. the dad was about to kill her but it took the wrong turn and the mom could not handle it the mom was furious but she was glad that she did that their kid was not her's. she tried to keep the kid away from the scene but it was hard the kid would go outside everyday
  • climax
  • the kid found out eventually the mom did not care no more and just said "never cheat on me or else you will die" the kid said to just give up but the mom ignored him the kid thought she was his mom the mom told him the truth the kid could not believe it he cried and just ran away the first place he went was the police station to tell on his mom he told the cop everything
  • resolution 
  • id knew youd be here get up we have to go to the station to run those test again just to make sure
  • its mostly stores but we would go to the mall less we don't have much money for that and we went to the park yesterday and my mom does not go to places twice she at least waits a whole two days
  • the cop heard him well and she also got scared for him the cop asked him some questions and he answered truthfully the cop told him if he could take him to the scene of the crime the kid thought the mom would still be there but she left the cop found some of the killing equipment the cop told the kid to stay away from the equipment the kid listened but a man bumped into the kid and he touched it when the cop came back she checked for some finger prints but she also found prints of the kid she could not believe it
  • okay we will search all of those places stay calm okay and don't touch anything
  • the kid ran away from the station because he new he was now a suspect and he tried to hide from the station and most importantly the cop he was scared they were going to take him he could not let that happen so he went back to the most less obvious back to the scene of the crime he still could not believe what happened he went back and said his last good byes he knew it was going to happen again the memory of that is going to happen and he wasn't going to let that happen
  • and i have to say my good byes to my dad i cant just leave him like that .... and hope that the cop does not find me go into the house or leave the house 
  • what happened.. the cop might think i did this she could under stand right? i have to hide were she would not think i would be at.. BACK AT THE HOUSE!! that's perfect she would never suspect me there
  • he said his last good byes but still could not imagine what happened once he was ready to leave he bumped into the cop she new he was going to be there she knew he was a good kid and that he would say his last good byes but the cop did not know if it was actually him who was a part of the killing he knew he was not the cop ran the equipment again and checked everyone in the station and she found the one who bumped into him and the kid ran into the mom and he did the right this and took her to the station so she could pay on what she has done
  • you were he best dad ever and i will never forget you dad