a real funy story
Updated: 4/7/2021
a real funy story

Storyboard Description

my real funy stoy

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • this is a real story...
  • rising action 1
  • so, my hole family went to work with my dad so me and my brother we were playing murders with a toy knife.
  • ha ha
  • rising action 2
  • i was in the hallway because i needed to hide then i herd a sound from a room...
  • this is the exposition because it tells you that this is a real story and the exposition tells you what is going on. 
  • climax
  • i am gonna hit you in the face
  • the rising action is something exiting and i am the murder so that makes it the rising action.
  • falling action
  • this is the rising action part 2 it is like part one but it tells you what happened next.
  • resolution
  • the end
  • suddenly my brother came out of the room then he says this whit a toy apple in his hand...
  • this is the climax and in the climax something exiting happens my brother wants to hit me in the face whitha toy apple so that is the climax.
  • the falling action is wen the things get less bad and you find a solution the solution here is that he missed.
  • and he missed
  • here is wen the story ends and it is how it finishes mine finishes me chasing my brother.
  • so i followed him