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  • Lexington and Concord
  • Bunker Hill
  • Trenton
  • British troops left Boston to look for a weapons stash in concord. They pass through Lexington on the way and are met with about Seventy Militia men. the British easily beat them with their large number of soldiers. They eventually make their way to concord where they then look for the weapons. What they didn't know was that the colonists were warned and moved the stash. The troops then made their way back to Boston, again going through Lexington but this time 2,000 men awaited them. no one knows who fired the first shot but it became known as the shot heard around the world and all the fighting broke loose, with the British having to retreat and the militia firing on them all the way back to Boston
  • Saratoga
  • The colonist set up on breeds hill and built fortifications. The British soldiers soon arrived ready for battle. William Prescott ordered the men to not shoot until the soldiers were very close. The militia got rid of 40% of the British troops but had to retreat because they ran out of ammunition.
  • Valley Forge
  • My boy Georgie W. needed a win so that people would want to reenlist at the start of the new year so he came up with the plan to sail over the Delaware river and launch a surprise attack on hessian soldiers who were either too drunk or too hungover to fight properly. This ended with a win and made the soldiers want to reenlist.
  • Yorktown
  • The British army planned a three pronged attack on the American soldiers but, one general didn't go and another got stopped by Benedict Arnold. Finally the last troop was outnumbered and surrendered. This showed the British that the Americans did have a chance and with that the French joined the war.
  • It was a bitter and cold winter for Washington's troops as they didn't have enough supplies and it was very cold, but the troops were trained by Baron von Stuebon and emerged from valley forge as better soldiers.
  • General Cornwallis sets up on a peninsula which was a big mistake because the American army attacked from the land as the French armada was at the sides with water. soon the British had to surrender but, General Cornwallis was too embarrassed so he sent someone else.
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