class project

Updated: 5/22/2020
class project

Storyboard Text

  • Big Thumb
  • During Stanley's water brake, he went into Mr. Sir's truck, turned the key and the engine revved. Twitch yelled put it in drive, Stanley put it in drive and drove away into a hole. Then ran towards Big Thumb.
  • Stanley walked to big thumb step after step. The canteen hit Stanley and reminded him he had no water. So he hoped there was water on Big Thumb.
  • Stanley walked and walked and he saw a boat. At first He did not think much of it, but he realized he was in a desert of nothingness. He walk up and heard a sound. He made a noise to try to scare the thing back into its hole. Then he realized it was Zero, his face looked all sunburnt. He was still alive thanks to the sploosh. They took a rest and started their journey to Big Thumb.
  • They walked a long time to try to get close to Big Thumb. With Stanley almost giving up, he pushed himself, because Zero was limping with a shovel as a third foot. Finally they were really close and they just have to climb the mountain.
  • They created their own route on the mountain back and forth slowly trying to not fall off the mountain. One wrong move they fall. As they got closer to the top they lost the bag with the jars and the shovel. The cliff got steeper so things got harder.
  • After they have been climbing they got to the top, they walked on the mountain to find water or food. Then they found mud which was a sign of water. Then they found a spring of water. They drank some and realized they had to dig deeper cause the water was cloudy because of mud. So Stanley went down the mountain to look for the jars and shovel. He found the shovel and the jars and came back up and dug and found onions and clear fresh water.