Updated: 12/3/2019

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  • Lexington/Concord
  • bunker hill
  • Trenton/Crossing of the Delaware
  • It was the first battle of the revolutionary war and the British were going to Lexington/Concord to take weapons from the militia
  • Saratoga
  • British were trying to capture the hills around Boston to gain tactical advantage the Americans secretly moved to bunker hill and breeds hill two unoccupied hills outside of Boston
  • Valley Forge
  • The Continental Army had token many defeats and Washington had planed to surprise the hessian while on Christmas which resulted in a win
  • York Town
  • the turning point of the revolutionary war British surrender Americans capture a lot of Britons major victory for Americans
  • This was a camp for the Americans and this was were soldiers were trained
  • the combined force of the Continental army and the french was to much for the retreating Britons and general Cornwallis had surrendered to the Americans and this was the end of the war (last battle)