civics poject
Updated: 2/11/2021
civics poject

Storyboard Text

  • monarchy
  • anarchy
  • communism
  • Monarchy is when there is a king or quean who has all the power. An example of this was great Britain in the 1700's.
  • oligarchy
  • anarchy is when there is no government. There is not an example of anarchy.
  • autocracy
  • Communism is when The government owns everything. An example of this is the Soviet Union.
  • representative democracy
  • Oligarchy is When the government Is ruled by a small rich group. A Example of this is Russia.
  • Autocracy is when the government is ruled by one person. An example of this is Nazi Germany.
  • Representative democracy is when people choose leaders to lead them. An example of this is the US.