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Social studies
Updated: 9/29/2020
Social studies
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  • - The Spanish explored the southeast part of the United states.- The Spanish explored for the three G`s god, gold,glory - They were successful with gold and glory. But the god part they where sort of. Most native Americans that they where going to make become Christians died from sickness. - I would not say they made a huge impacts even though most Americans are christian. Most of the Spanish ways did not stick.
  • Spanish.
  • - The french explored some of southeastern united states but they mostly explored Canada.-They explored for the for fur trade.- They where somewhat successful in america but very successful in Canada. - They did not have very many impact except for some of the food we eat. But in Canada most speak french or learn i in school
  • French
  • - like most of the other countries England explored america in the southeast part.- They explored for mercantilism economy that is where someplace sends you god like sugar for $2 and you make cakes and sell it back for $6- They where very successful and did business this way for many years.- They had a lot of impacts because they settled and stayed. That is why most of america speaks English.
  • English
  • Dear god
  • Yes gold
  • This is our land
  • those animals have the best fur for trading.
  • and here is cake for $8
  • Here is salf for $2
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