the medicine beg part 2
Updated: 2/12/2020
the medicine beg part 2
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  • help me get him to the bed
  • let,me tell u about my journey the main reason i came because i was lonely
  • Did u find the money in my boots i was saving it for my funeral but Im gonna give it to you for groceries
  • Mom and I carried him into her sewing room, there was a spare bed, mom then called the doctor. Mom came back with a basin of water.“The doctor thinks Grandpa is suffering from heat exhaustion,” she explained as she bathed Grandpa’s face. Mom gave a big sigh, “Oh hinh, Martin. How do you suppose he got here?”
  • my journey was very intresting the police had to take me to yall house
  • im just happy your here
  • Grandpa relaxed, and between sips of soup, he told us of his journey. Soon after our visit to him Grandpa decided that he would like to see where his only living descendants lived and what our home was like. Besides, he admitted sheepishly, he was lonesome after we left. I knew everybody felt as guilty as I did.
  • thank you grandpa i will take care of it
  • He asked mom if we found the money in his boats. he wanted to use it for his funeral but offered to give it to us for groceries so he won't feel like a burden. “Grandpa, you shouldn’t have carried somuch money. What if someone had stolen it from you?” Grandpa laughed. “I would’ve known if anyone tried to take the boots off my feet
  • grandpa had stopped to rest on the steps of some building downtown and a policeman found him. Thecop, according to Grandpa, was a good man who took him to the bus stop and waited until thebus came and told the driver to let Grandpa out at Bell View Drive
  • we were and the living room then grandpa pulled something out his bag it was a scared sage that has been passed down generation to generation
  • A week later after he gave me the bag mom and dad took grandpa to the hospital and he died and after i went to reservation and I was there alone and I but my sacred sage in my medicine bag
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