Unknown Story
Updated: 2/12/2020
Unknown Story
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medicine bag

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  • wow. cool
  • He lives inside a tipi in south dakota and everytinhg
  • tell us more cherly
  • wow! whats happening?
  • Oh,No its grandpa
  • My sister Cheryl and I always bragged about grandpa, Joe Iron Shell. Our friends,who had always lived in the city and only knew about Indians from movies and TV, were impressed by our stories.Maybe we exaggerated.We never showed our friends Grandpa’s picture.
  • Grandpa
  • Hau,Takoza Grandchild
  • all the dogs in my neighbor were barking like crazy. There were kids in the middle of the street. i went out to the curb to see what was happening. there was a man walking down the middle of the street
  • Hau,Marie
  • I felt cold and hot at the same time as I recognized the man. “Oh, no!” I whispered. “It’s Grandpa!” I stood on the curb, unable to move even though I wanted to run and hide.
  • Grandpa!!
  • “Grandpa,” I said, and felt pretty dumb when my voice cracked. “Hau, Takoza, Grandchild,” All I could do was stand there. I picked up Grandpa’s suitcase, took his arm, and guided him up the driveway to our house
  • Mom was standing on the steps. I don’t know how long she’d been watching, her hand was over her mouth and she looked as if she couldn’t believe what she saw.“Hau, Marie,” he said as he shook Mom’s hand
  • the door banged open and Cheryl came bursting out of the house.“Grandpa!” she yelled. he embraced her unlike he did me and mom.
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