IST Idea 3
Updated: 5/15/2020
IST Idea 3
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  • Today is Heidi Smith-Jackson's first day of school. Her parents have recently emigrated to China for business purposes. It’s a new life, new school, with a new culture and new languages. Heidi is hesitant to go to school.
  • Sweetie!!!Today's your fist day of school, so don't be late.
  • Heidi is bullied at school for her ethnicity, as the cultural norms are different in Britain and China. Her classmates are wearing traditional clothing, and are making fun at her appearance.
  • Her accent is so weird!!
  • Like, did you see her face?!It's white, like milk!!
  • Welcome to our new student
  • Heidi
  • BULLY no. 2
  • White face
  • BULLY no. 1
  • Why is she SUCH a CRYBABY!
  • Heidi is teased about the fact that she doesn't know how to use chopsticks - food is thrown at her. Nobody sits at her table with her.
  • Kids!! Behave please, and keep the noise down.
  • Students continue to make fun at her British ethnicity. Heidi is also cyberbullied.
  • OOHH look at me!I am so great because I am so white. Bow before me slaves!
  • BULLY no. 2
  • White face is so silly!!!
  • BULLY no. 1
  • She's soooo ugly and weird!!!This will teach her a lesson!
  • Note: * The previous scenes are repeated for what is a period of two weeks in the film in which more cultural differences are explored.* Bully 1, and 2 (sisters) are the main bullies* After 2 weeks, the matter is taken to the principal and the other bullies are suspended, while the 2 main bullies are expelled (Plot twist later).* Heidi becomes friends with the suspended bullies after forgiving them. THE END
  • PLOT TWIST ENDING: The 2 main bullies relocate to Britain only to realise that they are the only two Chinese students in the school. They then remember everything they did to Heidi and repent...
  • BULLY no. 2
  • Your father and I have decided that we will be moving to Britain. We have both got a job there, and we will move next week.
  • BULLY no. 1
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