Ransom of Red Chief
Updated: 3/22/2021
Ransom of Red Chief

Storyboard Text

  • 2,000$! These fools think that I would pay that much to get Johnny back! That's hilarious. Wait until I tell his mom.
  • I have some bad news. Johnny got kidnapped, and the ransom is 2,000$!
  • No way! This is insane! Who on earth would kidnap this crazy boy?
  • Look how quiet the house is! That boy was so noisy. I am so glad we are having a break from him.
  • Not only the house. The entire town is quiet and grateful for his kidnappers hahaha!
  • Write these fools a letter and tell them that if they want us to take the kid back, they will have to pay us.
  • You`re such a genius! This will definitely teach them a lesson.
  • This kid is a curse! Even his own parents don't want him.
  • I am willing to pay them the money. Just please take that kid back.