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Updated: 3/14/2021
REC History Storyboard

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  • Luna: Of course I am, I already spent an hour of my day picking weeds out of my farm, it's time for a break!
  • Titus: I heard the emperor was hosting a gladiator fight tonight. Are you coming?
  • Luna: I'm so excited to relax and watch humans mutilate each other!Titus: Same, I can't believe we only have 3 holidays this week, I need more rest.
  • Titus: This man sold me a loaf of bread. Want a slice?Luna: Not right now the fight is about to start!
  • Emperor Julian: Ladies and gentlemen, you're fighters for today... On the left Cato, and on the right Felix!! Now BE ENTERTAINED!!!
  • Luna: That fight was amazing, I can't believe Cato lost an ear.Titus: Don't forget about that bread! Luna: Titus, what is it with you and your bread?Titus: Let me love my bread in peace. I'll see you later I'm going to sleep it's been a busy day.