Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Updated: 5/12/2020
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Storyboard Text

  • I promise to give you a son if you make me Queen.
  • Hmmm. Sounds promising. Yes. I shall divorce Catherine at once.
  • I didn't have a son! I have to try and have a son next. It's literally a matter of life and death!
  • Congratulations! Its a girl!
  • Anne and Henry secretly have an affair and she persuades him to make her his wife and Queen.
  • Anne gets her way. She and Henry are married a few years later, after many years of arguments with the Pope. Anne is also crowned Queen.
  • A few months later, a little girl is born to the king and queen, called Elizabeth. Henry is disappointed and Anne is scared.
  • You are no longer a princess. You are an illegitimate child.
  • MUMMY!
  • Over the first few years of Elizabeth's life, Henry and Anne argued all the time. Henry had affairs with the Queen's lady in waiting and had other mistresses . He also accused Anne of having affairs with  some of the men at court.
  • Anne is taken to the Tower of London, were she was meant to be burnt, but Henry arranges for her to be executed by a swordsman.
  • Elizabeth is called illegitimate by her father and she is no longer a princess. A few days later Henry marries again.