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Saakhi Patel - 1.3 Characteristics of Living Things Comic 9/19/19
Updated: 9/20/2019
Saakhi Patel - 1.3 Characteristics of Living Things Comic 9/19/19
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  • Through this scene we can learn that the boy grew taller and bigger, which shows that all living things grow and develop.
  • Oh my grandson! The last time I saw you was 10 years ago when you were a little baby and look at you now so handsome and tall like your father!
  •  This food chain shows the plants obtaining energy from the sun, deer getting energy from the plants, and than the fox getting energy from the deer. This shows the transfer of energy and how living things obtain and use energy to survive.
  • The trees are starting to shed leaves and change color in fall, in response to the temperature changes.
  • This shows that through sexual reproduction, both mother and father can have an offspring.
  • Our beautiful son, David!
  • The genetic code (DNA) from the parent is passed to their offspring. They need this genetic code to live, grow, and develop.
  • Finally I feel warmer when I came home from outside. I was freezing outside and now my body feels warmer.
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