Updated: 4/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Neutral stimulus = watching basketball/hearing the sound of the ball
  • Unconditioned response = severe pain
  • Unconditioned stimulus = the basketball hitting him
  • Thomas has always enjoyed watching basketball with his friends. So he decided to try out for his school team...
  • Conditional stimulus = hearing the basketball hitting the ground
  • It was the first play for Thomas as a member of his school basketball team.
  • Conditional response = jumping up and running away
  • Generalization = any basketball
  • Unfortunately, not long after the play had started the ball hit him in the face, which resulted in a severe pain.
  • Discrimination: does not panic over any other ball or game
  • Once he has come to see how his friends play basketball and started hearing the basketball hitting the ground...
  • He immediately jumped up and ran away.
  • Nonetheless, he still plays other sports, such as football in his free time.
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