Comic projects 1
Updated: 10/9/2018
Comic projects 1
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  • The Journey
  • How will I ever get over this? I don't know anything about multiplying matrix. 
  • You will not pass my bridge if you can't solve this super hard matrix problem. 
  • The breakdown. 
  • I don't know what that is? I will never get home now!
  • HA. HA. HA You will never pass this. 
  • Introducing the problem
  • 2 [3 4 8] + 1/2 [12 10 2] = ???
  • Kyle is on is way home from visiting his grandma. When the grumpy catapillar stops him & makes him complete a matrix problem. 
  • Fairy Godmother to the rescue
  • No worries, Kyle I will help you solve the problem!
  • Kyle is stressing because he has no idea what a matrix is 
  • Begining to Help with the problem 
  • Yes. Now in order to complete the problem. First to complete the problem you must multiply outside of the brackets.
  • The rude catapillar presents the scroll with the matrix problem.
  • Continuing 
  • would this be correct?
  • The fairy godmother pops up and offers to help young stressed Kyle figure out the math problem. 
  • I need help is their anyone who can help me ?
  • She begins to tell Kyle that in order to start the problme he has to distribute the number outside of the brackets to the numbers inside of the brackets. 
  • Will you really? Oh thank you thank you!
  • Kyle then multiples 2 to the 3,4, and 8. He must keep it in the same order and in the bracket. For the second bracket Hyle had to multiple by 1/2 or divide by 2.
  • [6 8 16] + [6 5 1] = ???
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